Developer API

Alpha This is a new service – your feedback will help us to improve it.

Election information API v1

Use the election information API to provide your users with all the information they need to take part in elections, all in one place.

The API uses postcode information to give voters tailored information on where and when to vote, as well as the candidates standing for elections in their area.

The service is run by Democracy Club, on behalf of the Electoral Commission. Democracy Club is a community interest company with a mission to ensure everyone has access to quality information on democratic processes, particularly on elections. We work together to make sure voters have the latest information on upcoming elections.

This is a new service. Share your feedback and help us shape the next version.

What’s available in v1

Latest election name and date

Let your users know what elections are coming up in their area. The API will show dates for every type of election, from by-elections to general elections. It also tracks if an election has been cancelled.

Town, parish and community council elections, and referendums, are not included in this version.

Electoral registration contact information

Help your users with postal and proxy forms, or electoral registration questions. Provide them with the telephone, email, and postal address for their local elections team.

Two addresses can be displayed for Scotland postcodes: one for the electoral registration team, and another for the local council.

Polling station information

Provide users with the location of their polling station ahead of polling day, and in some cases, a map to help plan their route.

We aim to cover every postcode in the UK, but this isn’t always possible. We ask local councils to share this data with us. Unfortunately not all councils do.

Accuracy is also important to us. Polling station data can only be published if it contains no errors.

If you work at a local authority and would like to provide polling station data, please follow the few simple steps to export data from your EMS.

Candidate information

Give your users a heads up on who will be on their ballot paper on polling day. The API will show the name of the candidate, and the party they’re standing for.

Not available in v1

Welsh language support is not included in v1. We are working on this for v2.